Zsuzsa Darab Photography
“WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS!” /work in progress/


Independent, powerful, smart women from all around the world. Travelers. Inspiring, open-minded, great souls, with the curiosity of the world, who prove they are brave enough to make their dreams come true. Who leave behind everything, steps over their own borders, get out of their comfort zones, to reach their aim they were born to have.

To explore, to experience, to believe, to live. Live a life what they choose to have, without expectations of anybody but themselves, without being under pressure in a men run world, without giving up themselves because of forced compliance from the society. Even if this route is not the easiest one...

We have never met each other before, only Iceland gathered us together.
There are no coincidences, I don’t believe in them. We all met on purpose, we have something in common; we are looking for ourselves…

Sharing, listening, understanding, caring, connecting. I can tell, these girls run the world!