Zsuzsa Darab Photography
As she sees, photography is a lonely job. Creating is a lonely thing in a lot of ways.
There is a saying that she heard when she was a child: can’t depend on anyone but yourself. She thought it was true until she found out: she can’t be a loner for a long time. If she needs help, she has to do something she was always warned against: trusting people.

Maybe, that’s why she is very curious about everything related to people. She is also an observer, who see the world through the human beings. She is interested in human relationships and behaviours, and the connections between them, too. In addition, the feelings are very important in her projects. Her works are usually personal, conceptual, staged and also experimental. Her main focus is on holding cohesion, memories, emotions, and the soul.

Photography is similar to psychology. In her opinion, a good photographer is also a psychologist. In particular, they have to be their own psychologist. She goes down to the depths of her mind. The camera in her hand helps her with the therapy session. And then she is also an interpreter. She showes the things she cannot say out loud. And she does it gradually. She will only see the next step after the first one.

Photography is her private practice where she is the doctor, the patient and the cure.