Zsuzsa Darab Photography


In this project, I started out from key words, like, campaign against, authenticity, ethic, emotional impact, manipulation, influence, misdirection, diversion. These reasons are equally valid for both political and advertising campaigns. Primarily, I dealt with the human reactions and extremes.

I divided the human emotions into two groups. In the first place, the fanatics who are obsessed fans, who blend into their surroundings, and completely take over its aura. The other side is the complete neutrality, isolation from outside influences. In a world of people who want to live without politics, who intentionally excluded from the outside world.
They know about what is going on around them, but they do not want to get influenced by. They are ignoring the uninvented and being voluntarily blind to this part of the world.

In the project, I studied this neutrality. I was looking for tools, to symbolize the behaviour of those people who wanted to exclude themselves from the flood of campaign. I chose different parts of the city, beehive and less-known places as well, to cover off those notable giant posters with giant sheets. My intention was to express these posters are completely uninteresting and insignificant. Because, in our daily life we see thousands of posters and billboards all around us, which we can easily exclude from the sight.
The coverd posters not only for its symbolism, but the expectation of what happens when you take off the veil, what's behind the white canvas? But actually, nobody does care about it anymore...

In the other side of the project, I took photos about those young people, who are also hold aloof the political front, partially or completely ignore it. They do not care, and do not want to be under the influence of politics, who no longer believe in the promises. Full rotation. Willful blindness.