Zsuzsa Darab Photography


In today's world, the traditional family model has been transformed in a wide variety of reasons, child rearing time was reduced, so that the appropriate amount of attention is what a child needs.
The starting point for a series of six images is alarming sense of loss, the loss is not necessarily the physical act, but much rather a spiritual process. The collection period is primarily the former aspects kept in mind, however, the concept was refined during the completion of the actual images, increasingly the mental aspect was the focus.

I used the tools of stage photography, the children appear in six different locations. In a place where many people would be during the day and it is possible that family program locations. The curious and unfamiliar sense of danger for kids can easily be lost trace of random, but it is also a result of a conscious escape. Of different ages, genders kids, the hopelessness, and fear is reflected in them, how they are surrounded by the empty and depressing, sometimes quite sterile and sometimes strange places.
You can see that, they live in good conditions, their lives is not part of the deprivation in principle, but in the reality, yes it is, because of the lack of parental attention is difficult to make up the shortage.

The series reflects on a modern, typical phenomenon of children who are neglected by their parents and spiritually lost, then have to deal with serious problems that they do not become lost adults.