Zsuzsa Darab Photography


I was in a very special situation: I got an opportunity to spend four months in Finland. In this closed, cold, greyish-blue haven you could easily feel really lonely.

This is true mostly about the international students, who are getting closer to back home day by day. But far from that safe place, we try to fit in the new
environment, find out more about ourselves, to gain
something importatnt, and leave this place with full of experiences. These goals keep our enthusiasm high, even on bad days, and remind us why we came here, what we want to achieve.

I asked my portrait subjects, my foreign friends to think about their home, what it means to them, what they miss, if there’s anything they miss at all?
What kind of feelings they have about being here, being in a journey?
While they remembered the things which are important to them, I took a portrait, silently, not to disturb their memories. I let them influence me to go home with them…