Zsuzsa Darab Photography

My project was inspired by the temporary period of my life which has been gone for years now. There are several places I can call „my home”, still, the strongest connection is between me and my parental home. The only place I can rely on, no matter where I live in the world. I started to analyse my own life to find out what home means to me. I examined our everyday lives. I took photographs to capture and sometimes rearrange the regular and also the extraordinary life moments and to build up a system of attributes.

It was very difficult for me to keep distance from my family and from myself, and also to have a fresh pair of eyes to watch them, us. Still, that was my way to find those valuable everyday life moments, which helped me to create my picture of HOME.

Though family is the oldest community, it is very important to respect each other's privacy. Therefore, individual actions and private territory were also emphasized besides community life.
The shootings were mostly based on observing, but spontaneous moments were also big part of my working process. I was observing my family and also myself; how we are related and what kind of things characterize us. A really interesting „treat” came out: visitors can see all the intimate, honest moments, without playing roles or wearing masks. With this gesture, I opened the door for the curious eyes, and let them to take a look around my refuge.

Everyday shootings, constant vigilance, focus and concentration became a daily routine for me.