Zsuzsa Darab Photography


I examined the different mediums compatibility with each other in photography.
I focused on manuality, and basically made a technique based experiment. My goal was to see what happens, if I mix different photographs with a technique which is not typical in this genre.
These images have a size of 1 meter by 1 meter .
One of them made by a photography weaving method, which is the same as textile weaving technique. And the other one made by a special cutting mode. This means, I mixed two photography as a chess board in photoshop, and then I cut and folded one of the picture’s squeres out of the flat surface, which makes a 3D version of the image, and we are also able to see the other one, as a 2 dimensional picture with holes in it.
In addition, I made a working progress video about the workflow for showing the techinque, and to emphesize the meditetive state of mind, and the monothonity of the working method. Furthermore, I shoot a video about possible uses of this artwork, which experimenting the surfice and the structure of the piece.