Zsuzsa Darab Photography


In this project, I took pictures of people who can only feel fine themselv, be free and enjoy their life, if they hide their real face behind a mask. These gorgeous young people think they are ugly, so they never show up without makeup.

I focused on the extrem cases, thus I was looking for people who overdo makeup, wear extraordinary accessories, clothes and want to get everybody’s attention with their extravagant looking and hide their true self.  I used a technical experiment to emphasis this duality.

I found interesting the way of making a 3D picture with a manual technique, with using more images, more viewpoints. The most important thing was not to use any digital intervention, no digital postproduction during the working process. Thereby, the workflow was extreamly important, which leads to a long-time, monotone, challenging working method.

On the finished pictures, you can find only one viewpoint, where the two layers melt into each other; all the other angles make a different perspective, different exciting scenery.
The lighting is also very important on the installed works, because the distance between the layers makes shadows, which can change the sense of the artwork.

The series includes three special, unrepeatable pictures. Their size is 50x50 cm, in a frame for each. The photos of the actual pictures on the website are only reprographs, the real photos were digitally printed. Each picture has two layers. One of them is glued on a piece of glass and it contains the 0.5x0.5 cm pieces of a photo that were cut out manually. The second layer, another photo in one piece, is 2 cm underneath the first one.